Physics of Being

The Physics of Being Series, appropriating illustrations of acrobats from 1920s and 30s exercise books, explores notions of suspension and weightlessness, movement and hesitation. The images were photographed so as not to destroy the books, then rescaled, deconstructed and reassembled into photo-reliefs that are just larger (or smaller) than life-size and are installed just out of reach of all but our visual grasp, hovering in joyous, perilous, or uncertain state. 

felicitas, photo-relief. Archival inkjet prints, 40 x 49 inches

Installation, TEN on 25, 2012. Culver City, CA

Upsidedown, Installation. Mixed media, 88 x 24 inches

eitherway, photo-relief. Archival inkjet prints, 104 x 63 inches

Upsidedown, Installation. Archival inkjet prints, 30 x 122 inches

Physics of being, composite. Mixed media, 10 3/4 x 7 1/8 inches