Mueller House

These pictures were taken in 1997 in Adolf Loos’s Mueller House in Prague. My students and I were lucky to get in as it was to be closed the following week for several years of restoration. Like Prague itself at the time, the house was luxuriant and gloomy, watchful while opening up to visitors after years of revolution. I remember three other things from that visit: the bullet-pocked walls that lined the streets rising upward to a crown of gilded statues presiding from the rooftops, the hooded figure of death pursuing revelers endlessly in the clock tower of the main square, the desecrated Jewish cemetery, and Frank Gehry’s recently completed Tancici Dum (Dancing House) in a silent twist at the edge of the Vltava River near the Jiraskuv Bridge.

Upstairs, photo-relief. Archival inkjet print. 12 3/4 x 18 inches

Wardrobe, photo-relief. Archival inkjet print, 4 x 7 inches

to come: Sidewalk to sky, Prague. Video (from photo-collage)

Parlor, photo-relief. Archival inkjet print, x x x inches