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Condition of the Waters  Recent Works                  Harris + Ruble Gallery November 5-December 7, 2011

I culled the imagery in these photo-reliefs over the past year from my snapshots of bodies of water--rivers & streams, salt ponds & lakes, oceans & seas, and an Olympic swimming pool--to summon a synaesthetic, intimate, and poetic world.

   Water is the element of reflection, rejuvenation, and reverie. Water is also a voluptuous substance, sensual and enveloping. How to evoke these qualities in photographic images on paper? In ‘Blue Air’, floating figures are suspended in an indefinite, internalized world of viscous color; the curling edges of ‘Condition of the Waters’ suggested the caprice and chop of surface phenomena. The larger reliefs, ‘Nothing Lost or Forgotten’ and ‘Just Circumstance’ are quieter, ask what is real and enduring in our world, and inside ourselves?

    The photo-reliefs are in varying states of resolve. Some flow together, smooth and coincident; others are more dissonant, misaligned, animating the opposing forces of the constructed and the natural. While my large-scale works are subtle and the smaller ones more pronounced, both suggest the constructed nature of perception and the physicality of visual experience. However, unlike the seamless digitally-stitched typologies such as the work of German photographer Andreas Gursky, I challenge the two-dimensional nature of the photograph by un-stitching, re-assembling, and physically layering fragments of a single photograph, to suggest depth and a sculptural quality to my subjects.

    Like water, digital technology is so fluid and evanescent, so alluring and visual that I have to immerse myself in physical processes--slow down, step back, and listen—make room for the internal voice of the images to resonate.

The work in this show is part of the ongoing De Anima Series exploring psychological and phenomenal aspects of nature and the elements. Harris+Ruble Gallery is located at 6424 Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood. Gallery hrs: 1-6pm Monday-Friday.

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